2008-06-30 15:16:16 by jucama

One day until July. It's been almost a year since I created my first animation, so... I'm preparing a new cartoon to be realeased this July 12th, to celebrate my anniversary. This, of course, will hopefully happen according to plan, however I've had some work, so... well, I just hope I'll be able to realease the animation the 12th... I'm setting it as a deadline (though it is not, as it is more of a cabalistic date... haha) in order to get it done. I've already finished the first 40 seconds... I don't want to give out a lot about the project, but... well... it's a musical. Anyway, I'd better continue working. Cheers.

MVP2 out!!!

2008-06-14 22:46:58 by jucama

Madness VS Predator 2 is already out!!! Make sure to watch it and if you want to leave a comment.
Don't forget to see MVP1 first though!!!

MVP2 Poster

2008-01-10 13:39:34 by jucama

So, Madness VS Predator 2 has been some time on the making. I leave here a promotional poster for the movie.

MVP2 Poster

Upcoming Projects

2007-10-31 20:01:54 by jucama

Now that I am having some time off school, I am going to start with MVP2 (Madness VS Predator 2). After many people liked the Predator and everything, I am going to improve he's design, I am going to reduce his chest, change the way he walks and make him completely 3d for zoom ins and everything. As soon as I have them I will post some screens on the hunter's new appearance. Also I am considering doing something for Christmas, but I do not still know if I would be able to make a movie and continue with MVP2 at the same time, as I plan to at least finish three quarters of the animation by the end of the year. Anyway, let's wait and see what happens...